The Power BI Masterclass

Business Intelligence / Business Analytics is in high demand.

Companies are constantly searching for ways to make better and faster decisions. Therefore they rely heavily on data, Data-driven decision making is the key to success for any business in the world of tomorrow. Because of that, companies are constantly searching for skilled employees and freelancers with the necessary capabilities to help with analyzing data and creating valuable, highly profitable insights as this will be the key advantage to succeed in business.

MS Power BI is an advanced, yet easy to get started self-service business analytics / business intelligence solution provided by Microsoft, which is currently very high in demand. From my own personal experience, I can testify that companies will actively search for you if you master Power BI. Not only will diving into data & analytics immensely improve your career opportunities, but it will also help you with job satisfaction!

Power BI is also an excellent tool for data science. A lot of data scientists like to use it for visualizing and presenting their findings. Therefore learning to use this tool can also be a valuable skill for data science jobs. That is why I created this course to help you dive into one of the hottest and best business analytics / business intelligence software currently available.

Starting from scratch, step by step, we will learn all the relevant PBI basics and master more advanced concepts. Power BI has a robust & active community, and with Microsoft pushing this solution to its enterprise customers, Power BI has a bright future ahead. You can be part of this future! There is no coding required! Power BI allows for coding, but it's not necessary.

In this guided learning course, you go from zero to hero in just 6 hours in which you will learn:

  • the ETL capabilities of Microsoft Power BI ("get messy data easily into the right format") 

  • Master simple and very advanced DAX calculations (Power BI language, similar to that of excel formulas) 

  • Create outstanding visualizations and reports 

  • Derive valuable highly profitalbe insights

What we learn in this course may also help you later with your Power BI certification exam should you wish to take it. You can follow along with the provided learning material in Power BI on your own computer at your own pace. Much better than only reading a book right? Excited? You should be! Buckle up and meet me in the first lecture starting today!

Who is this course for?

  • You want to become better at your job OR explore a new career opportunity
  • You want to master self service bi
  • You want to get valuable insights from you data
  • You want to be in high demand (as employee or freelancer)
  • You want to succeed in the working world of tomorrow
  • You want to create stunning visualizations to impress management or your coworkers
  • You want to stand out from the crowd
  • You want to learn and to improve


  • Working with Microsoft products e.g. excel is an advantage, but not required
  • Your willingness to learn and grow
  • This is a Microsoft Power BI Training for beginners to advanced
  • Power BI can be downloaded for free from the Microsoft page
BK · June 29, 2022