Ultimate Retouching – Masterclass

This is the Ultimate Retouching course, which will create a retoucher out of you in no time!
If you're reading this, then you share our passion for photography and retouching, so let's make it happen!

Why did we make this course?
We wanted to make a difference to the retouching community and so embarked on a year long journey.
It has all you need to know in order to become a better retoucher. Up to now, there wasn't a
retouching course created by a true post-production studio.

How does the course work?
Each chapter is dedicated to certain aspect of retouching, from technical, through creative to
business. If you feel you don't need to learn all of it, then feel free to skip parts. You can
always come back to them later.
Our system is designed in a modular way, so you can adapt it to your working conditions and

Quickly browse through
Each chapter starts with a short intro so you know what's coming. At the end of each chapter there
is a PDF summary, so you can quickly browse through and see all you will be learning.

Who is the course for?
Are you a beginner? That's just fine. We will walk you through all the steps necessary.
Working pro? We've got you covered also. Of course you will want to skip some of the basic
retouching lectures, but there are plenty of more advanced techniques and the workflow we outline
is a one of a kind approach to a whole production pipeline.

What you will learn:

• How to setup Photoshop for retouching

• Analysing an image

• Specifics of tools used for retouching

• Skin retouching

• Clothes retouching

• Hair retouching

• Dodge & Burn


• Color corrections

• Color grading

• Shape changes of model and background

• Adding grain textures to an image

• Basics of marketing for retouchers

• Pricing your work

Who is this course for?

  • People how want to learn retouching. Novice and advanced alike.
  • Photographers wanting to up their retouching skills.
  • Retouchers wanting to go to a pro level.
  • Pro retouchers who want to learn a large studio workflow and practises.
  • Graphic designers who struggle with correcting images.
  • Art directors who would like to know what is possible in retouching and be able to do rough changes based on their ideas on images.
  • Ecommerce specialists
  • Art department employees within to broaden their photoshop knowledge.
  • Archivists needing better skills to clean scans and reproductions.


  • Basic photoshop knowledge.
  • PC or Mac with Photoshop - version CS5 or newer.
  • Preferably: A pen tablet like a Wacom. A mouse is also fine, yet retouching with a pen is a much better option and all examples are conducted using a tablet.
  • A smile to brighten your road to great images!
BK · August 8, 2022