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Is your university or educational organization interested in creating content on the Nudle platform? Find out how Nudle enables any campus to provide students, teachers, and staff with job-relevant courses.

Organisations working with Nudle

Deliver world-class education online

  • Increase the number of students without raising the expense of infrastructure.
  • Attract new students by establishing a stronger international reputation.
  • Provide supplementary content that is aligned with the faculty’s curriculum.
  • Multidisciplinary classes help students achieve better job outcomes.

An education platform for job-relevant online learning - anytime, any place, and on any device.

Attract and Offer

Attract new students by offering them new and exciting opportunities to help them learn and develop skills.

Increase student capacity

Easily increase the number of students without restructuring or expansion of existing facilities.


Assist and develop students in swiftly learning job-relevant and marketable skills.

“Graduates of Nudle are better prepared, more motivated, and more ready to enter the classroom than other candidates. Our organization’s teachers completed the Nudle TEFL VARSITY course and the outcomes have been outstanding. They are more confident in the classroom and during interviews. This course has given these teachers a skill boost and afforded them with amazing opportunities.”
Rong Hua, Xu​
School President

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