All-in-one Virtual Interactive Desktop

Blending the boundaries between reality and the virtual word.

For Schools and Business

All-In-One XR Desktop

Immersive experience


Ergonomic design, the maximum inclination angle of the bracket is 90° All-In-One shape, non-OPS plug-in

Precise positioning, low latency

Sub-millimeter precision, precise capture without deviation 2ms response time, smooth operation without stuttering


  • Three sets of binocular infrared sync cameras

    Spatial positioning accuracy: 1mm, angle tracking accuracy: 0.1°

    Each set of cameras is equipped with 4 infrared LED fill lights

    Each set of cameras can position and track targets independently, or they can be used synergistically to enhance the stability and accuracy of motion capture

  • Spatial positioning stylus

    6DoF spatial positioning

    Ergonomic design, comfortable grip, suitable for XR interaction

    Data refresh rate≥ 120Hz

    Vibrating motor, real-time feedback

  • High-performance processor

    Intel® CoreTM i7-11700

    8-core, 16-thread high-performance processor

  • Professional graphics card

    NVIDIA Quadro Professional graphics card

    4G GDDR6 memory

  • Display system

    27-inch 120Hz Full HD polarized 3D display

    Equipped with capacitive touch screen, support 10-point touch

  • Positioning glasses

    Polarized glasses, no battery required, thinner and more comfortable to wear

    5 omni-directional infrared optical reflective points, trackable and located with any 3 points

  • Storage

    M.2 high-speed interface with SSD high-speed storage media

    Standard 16G+512G, expandable to 64G+512G

  • Interface

    USB2.0 * 5

    USB3.0 * 2

    HDMI in * 2

    DP/miniDP * 2

    Standard 3.5mm headphone jack*1 microphone jack*1

    DC jack * 1

    RJ45 * 1

  • AR imaging

    Augmented Reality(AR) content extension

  • SDK

    Fully self-owned intellectual property right and open SDK, convenient for rapid development

  • Smart IoT

    The built-in intelligent IoT control system achieves intelligent control from the teacher’s machine to the student’s machine

  • 3D format

    Support 3D content in left-right, up- down, and frame-sequential formats

    Support switching 2D/3D display mode by one-touch, support switching external source input by automated or manual switching

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