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15.2 Preparing a Lesson Plan

durenmgmail-com November 9, 2021

Areas to consider in lesson planning

The Learners

  • What do they like?
  • What interests them?

The Aims

  • What are the aims of the lesson?
  • What are the purposes of individual activities?

Teaching Points

  • What parts of the language will be studied or used in the lesson?
  • What topics, contexts will be used?
  • Am I certain about these teaching points?
  • What do I need to prepare or study?

Teaching Procedures

  • What exercises will help the learners reach the lesson’s intention?
  • How will the exercises join together to create an entire lesson?
  • Is there a good combination of activities/skills?
  • How long will each exercise take?


  • What materials will be used for each exercise?
  • What do I need to make, photocopy or acquire?
  • What page of the coursebook have we got to?
  • What can be used for homework?

Classroom management

  • How will the pairs be prepared?
  • What guidance will I give?
  • What happens if they do not understand my teaching?
  • How long is the entire lesson?


Let’s take a look at a lesson plan template. Lesson plan templates can be handy as a guideline for teachers to get familiar with what information or content is required for different types of lesson. An example would look like the template below:

Basic Structure of a Lesson Plan