Decision Making of Fortune 500 Firms: Master Best Practices

Master all decision making practices (quick, major, & strategic) of Fortune 500 firms taught by world-renowned expert.

Who is this course for?
Current and aspiring leaders (executives, managers, supervisors, intrapreneurs, and entrepreneurs) who want to dramatically improve all of their decision making (quick, major, and strategic) by using best practices from Fortune 500 leaders will get the most benefit from this course for their business and career goals, because case studies and examples are best suited to their needs.Everyone else who wants to make the best quick, major, and strategic decisions will also benefit from this course, even if the case studies and examples will be less relevant to them Your ability to master decision making best practices in all scenarios (quick, major, and strategic) will determine whether you reach your business and career goals in our increasingly-disrupted future.

Yet traditional advice to "go with your gut" in decision making so often leads to disasters that devastate company bottom lines and bring down high-flying careers, as revealed by research in behavioral economics, psychology, and cognitive neuroscience.

So what are the best practices used by the leaders of Fortune 500 companies to make the right calls in all types of scenarios on even the toughest decisions to maximize company bottom lines and advance their own careers? These leaders recognize that science has revealed how our typical approach to decision making suffers from systematic dangerous judgment errors called cognitive biases.

These mental blindspots often lead us into decision making disasters that drastically undermine our desired outcomes and goals. Fortunately, recent scholarship has shown effective yet counterintuitive strategies to enable you to defeat these cognitive biases and help optimize your bottom line and your career. In this course, you will learn about and address these dangerous judgment errors, while mastering techniques for all decision making scenarios (quick, major, complex, and strategic) drawing on cutting-edge behavioral science and real-world best practices from Fortune 500 company leaders to help you and your teams reach your professional goals.

After taking this course, you will:

  • Master all decision making best practices (quick, major, strategic) used by Fortune 500 leaders to seize competitive advantage for their bottom line and career 

  • Free yourself of constant ruminations, numerous grey zones, and mental blindspots that plague decision making and block business and career goal achievement 

  • Develop a plan with specific next steps to adapt for yourself the best practices used by Fortune 500 leaders for quick, major, and strategic decision making 

  • Discover the dangerous judgment errors called cognitive biases that lead to decision making disasters for your business objectives 

  • Maximize your desired outcomes by overcoming cognitive biases via science-based decision making techniques used by Fortune 500 leaders 

  • Feel truly confident about whether you made the right call in your quick, major, and strategic decisions to reach your business and career goals
BK · July 1, 2022