Guangxi Modern Vocational and Technical College

Customer Profile

Guangxi Modern Vocational and Technical College is a full-time comprehensive national public higher education institution integrating engineering, science, economics, management and literature. It is a high-level professional group construction unit in Guangxi, and an excellent labor service brand training base in Guangxi.

client needs

Guangxi Modern Vocational and Technical College runs through the education and teaching with the spirit of innovation, craftsmanship, practical application ability and social adaptability. It is a “double high” construction unit in Guangxi; the college implements a talent training model that integrates teaching and learning and the integration of school and enterprise. .

Construction Content

One center (VR smart training center), two functional areas (covering smart teaching area, professional training area), three simultaneous supporting facilities (quality training teaching resources, joint development of innovative VR teaching resources, training culture construction and promote) .

Client Outcomes

Create specialty construction and the characteristic highlights of the curriculum system, and promote the construction of characteristic specialties; train and transport high-quality, practical and innovative professionals to help the transformation and upgrading of regional industries; promote the construction of a new model of school-enterprise cooperation, and promote the transformation of scientific research knowledge achievements; “Three Education Reform” practice new model, to create a demonstration point of intelligent manufacturing professional higher vocational gold courses; schools and enterprises jointly build the “VR + intelligent manufacturing” industry application ecology to accelerate the development of related industries.

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